Beyonce’s: Life is but A Dream


Sunday was just like any other morning. I woke up, and of course my first thought was, “BEYONCE”. So I flipped on the HBO documentary Life Is but a Dream that I missed the prior night due to being drunk, shoulders deep in a toilet. The self-produced, autobiographical documentary surpassed my low expectations. This documentary teaches us that yes, it is okay to carry around your laptop in elevators and have extensive video chats with yourself. But, also it teaches us the importance of life, of love, of Beyonce. Here are a few things that the documentary can teach us all:

Braids are still in

This category speaks for itself. Next.

Celebs have Daddy issues too!

The documentary digs into Beyonce’s troubled relationship with her father/manager. Her Dadager. No, her mana-dad. Anyway, she opens up about the firing of her own father so that she could better draw a line between her father as a father, and her father as a manager. Despite the singer’s efforts, she admits that she failed and never really got her father back. It was very sad to watch, and made me want to call my Dad and buy him dinner..with my $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden.

Girls shall run the world

Beyonce does not take shit from no one. Homegirl does not play that. First off, she sacrifices the success of her music fitting radio standards so that she can have total creative control in the studio. Props +1. Second off, she preaches some serious girl power about women having to work harder to make it in this world, and that we still do not get the same opportunities, nor do we make the same amount of money as men. Props+2. Her song “Run the World” is a serious call to arms for all women out there. Ladies, you better be listening to her because when Beyonce tells you to run the world, you do it.

“I love me some Jay-Z”

Me too, B. I mean come on. We all do. If you don’t, I hate you. I wanted to cry every time a clip of the power couple was shown. And the part where they have a sing-a-long to Coldplay’s “Yellow”? Done. I was dead.

Don’t listen to rumors

Beyonce did NOT fake her pregnancy. In the doc, Beyonce slams down the rumors that she hired a surrogate during her pregnancy to preserve her figure. This Beyonce conspiracy theory may be over, but the Joan Rivers conspiracy theory, which will be explained at a later point, remains.

Final Thoughts

Although the documentary was a huge hit, I have chosen to give it 3 out of 5 boogers. The doc was supposed to be a personal look into the star’s private life, but I still felt distanced from her as an audience member. Yes she opens up about her miscarriage, but the problem with producing your own autiobiographical documentary is that it grants the subject too much control to edit themselves. I also felt the doc was one sided because she was the only talking head in the film. I would have enjoyed to see more interviews from other people besides the star of the film.

Before I go and proceed to refresh my Facebook page for hours on end, can we just discuss the significance of Lady Gaga’s cameo in the film?